All clubs meet from 3:30 p.m. to 4:25 p.m. after school, unless indicated otherwise.

Wood Oaks After School Club/Activity Permission Form (Google Form)

Wood Oaks After School Activity Bus Form (Google Form)

Meeting Day/
Sponsor(s) Description
Art Club
(Starting 9/12/22)
Room 116
Ms. Hoffman Students pursue their own interests in various art media. We will also be doing some art-based community service projects.
Billiard Club
(Starting - TBD)
Ms. Duke Students learn the fundamentals of billiards.
Book Match
(Starting 9/7/22)
Room 109
Ms. Cronin Students read a wide selection of books and compete against each other as teams to demonstrate their knowledge of the books.
Chess Club
(Starting 9/20/22)
Room 120
Mr. Werth Students get the opportunity to play each other in chess and learn more from each other about this strategic game.
Creative Writing
(Starting 9/12/22)
Room 109
Ms. Cronin
Students are able to refine their own writing and work with their peers to critique and build their passion for writing.
Homework Hour
Ms. Oh &
Various staff
Students work independently and silently on homework. Assistance is available from supervising teachers daily and intergenerational volunteers on Monday
Day: TBD
Small/Big Gym
Mr. Burmeister Students that have a current physical on file in the Nurse’s office are able to play various sports throughout the school year.
Math Club
(Starting 9/12/22)
Room 119
Ms. J. Long Students play challenging math games, practice advanced math concepts, and participate in an annual math contest.
Running Club
Ms. Brown Following the cross-country season, students continue with their training to increase their running stamina. Games that involve running and other fitness activities will also be included. Open to all students.
Student Leadership
(Starting 9/20/22)
Room 101
Ms. J. Long Students work with administration and staff to determine school wide initiatives that include school spirit, ROAR, charitable activities,  and environmental causes.
Tabletop Games

(Starting 9/8/22

Room 222
Mr. Hinsinger Students play various tabletop games to reinforce their skills of creativity, cooperation, and gamesmanship.
Technology Club
(Starting 9/7/22 - 928/22. Will start up again on 2/1/23)
Room 105
Ms. C. Long Students pursue their interests in various technology topics and activities! Student input will help guide the direction of the club and the topics. (All skill levels are welcome - no specific technology knowledge is required.)
As needed
Room 223/227
Ms. Olesuk
Ms. Reap
Students assist in taking photos for the school yearbook.