Welcome Letter

Dear Students and Parents,

Welcome to Wood Oaks! We hope that your years here will be some of the happiest and most challenging of your life. This handbook has been prepared in order to outline the basic expectations and responsibilities of students. It also explains school policies, academic programs, discipline procedures, and citizenship expectations. It has been prepared through a combined effort of parents, students, teachers, and administrators. Please read it carefully and
review the school rules. These rules and procedures are based upon the following beliefs:

  • Self-discipline, which includes being responsible for one's own actions, is an important part of good citizenship and an important goal of education.

  • Public education is a right of youth; however, it assumes compliance with the laws of the State of Illinois and the policy rules and regulations as established by the Board of Education and administration of Northbrook School District 27.

  • The attainment of good citizenship is a shared responsibility of the school and the home which includes parents and students.

If you have any questions concerning this handbook please contact the office.

We wish you a successful and fulfilling school year.


Cari Beake

Paul Suminski
Assistant Principal