Attendance Policies

Tardiness to School and Late to Class

There are two major reasons for our emphasis on punctuality: concern over work missed and elimination of discourteous behavior. A tardy student to school or to class will miss critical instruction. If tardiness becomes chronic, the missed work may impair the student's academic success. In addition, a student coming late to school or class distracts both the teacher and the other students.

Students who are late to school are to report to the office for a "tardy slip" before going to class. An excused tardy to school may be given for any written verification for medical purposes or family emergencies. Excused tardies will also be given for late buses. Unexcused tardies are defined as all other reasons including weather and traffic. Students have three minutes to pass from class to class. They are to be in their proper seats or locker room before the bell rings at the beginning of each class period. If not, they can expect to be issued a tardy slip. Teachers will use discretion when assigning tardies. Passes are not issued in the office for being late to class.

If a student receives three unexcused tardies to school or to class during a year, a warning will be issued. If a student receives 4, 5, or 6 unexcused tardies to school or class, a lunch detention will be assigned. Students will not be able to read or do any type of work while in lunch detention, but they will be able to eat their lunch. If a student receives 7, 8, or 9 unexcused tardies to school
or class, an after school detention will be assigned. After school detentions are held between 3:30 – 4:30 PM. Students will be given an assignment to complete during detention and are not allowed to work on homework. Detentions will be held in a designated room monitored by a faculty member. Students that receive 10 or more unexcused tardies to school or class may be given an in-school suspension. Chronic tardiness will result in a conference with the parent, the student, and a representative of the school and may result in additional disciplinary action or legal action. Tardies are cumulative over the school year.