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More Homework Information

Homework over Holidays

Homework is not assigned for completion over District’s Thanksgiving, Winter or Spring Breaks, or on the “District Holidays” indicated on the District Calendar. If you observe a religious holiday other than these, please contact your child’s teacher so he/she knows to make accommodations for homework. Long-term projects may be assigned over these breaks if students are also given enough school nights to complete the assignments adequately.

Homework on Weekends

Teachers may assign the same amount of homework on weekends as they would on one school night.

Group Projects as Homework

When group projects are assigned as homework, students will be given the option of completing the project independently.

Late Procedures for Homework

Late procedures for homework are to be determined at the teacher's discretion taking into account the type and weight of the homework and in keeping with the goal of student success.

Homework for Absences

All students will have the option of requesting homework on the first day of absence due to illness if the parents perceive that this is in the best interests of their child and if the request is made to the school secretary or automated attendant by 7:45 a.m. Most homework assignments are available online. Teachers will provide handouts and other worksheets not available online in the main office for pick-up after school between 3:45-4:30 pm.