Academic Program

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Table of Contents

Homework Responsibilities

Successful homework completion is the joint responsibility of students, teachers, and parents. The responsibilities of each party are described below:

Student Responsibilities:

  • Students are personally responsible for the timely completion of all homework assignments, including those missed due to absence from class.
  • Students are expected to listen carefully, follow directions for all assignments, and record them in their assignment notebooks. Students are responsible for bringing home all necessary materials.
  • Students should plan ahead, use time efficiently, and work consistently on long-range assignments.
  • Assignments should be completed in a distraction-free environment.
  • Students should speak with teachers and parents if there is a consistent homework completion problem.
  • Each student will be an equal participant in group projects.
  • Students are expected to produce quality work which reflects their personal best on all
  • assignments.

Teacher Responsibilities:

  • The scheduling of homework, which includes completing written work and projects and studying for tests and quizzes, will be communicated among teachers at each grade level.
  • The assigned homework will expand upon class work.
  • Teachers will monitor the progress and completion of short and long-term homework assignments and contact parents when necessary.
  • Grade and course level of the students will be taken into consideration when assignments are given.
  • Teachers will guide students in studying independently, organizing their time, and applying appropriate study skills.
  • Assignments will be thoroughly explained to students.

Parent Responsibilities:

  • Parents will provide a well-lit, distraction-free study area where the child can comfortably read and write.
  • Parents will be positive and provide encouragement for their child.
  • Parents will monitor homework completion and assist the child with budgeting his or her time as needed.
  • Parents will communicate with teachers about concerns regarding homework.
  • Parents should encourage their child to take responsibility for keeping track of school materials and assignments.
  • Parents will participate in assignments designed with interactions between parent and child in mind.
  • Parents will help their child manage his or her time and activities in a manner that allows for optimal success in school.