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Academic Program

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Table of Contents

Academic Program

Wood Oaks Junior High School is committed to providing each student with opportunities to explore all academic areas through exciting and enriching courses and to provide guidance for students to extend their activities and knowledge beyond the classroom.

  • The core program includes reading, language arts, mathematics, science, social studies and foreign language.
  • Each grade level has groupings in mathematics based upon student performance, test criteria, and teacher recommendation.
  • The Extended Learning Program (ELP) addresses the areas of reading, language arts, and social studies through creative problem solving and higher level thinking skills.
  • All students take physical education every day.
  • Some students may receive academic assistance through the resource program or learning pathways instead of taking a foreign language. A student may begin a study of a foreign language in grades six, seven, or eight.
  • All sixth-grade students take art, general music, health, and technology for one quarter each.
  • Seventh-grade students take art, general music, technology, and public speaking for one quarter each.
  • Eighth-grade students take art, general music, health, and technology for one quarter each or science fair for two quarters.
  • Students at all grades will have an Advisory class one day per week.
  • All 6th-grade students have drama and study skills one period per week each.
  • Students in 7th and 8th grade are able to elect to take STEAM courses during their 5th /6th period Lunch/STEAM block or may choose to take study hall.