School Supply Lists

6th Grade List

6th Grade

General Supplies:

  • Pens and pencils
  • Pencil bag
  • Correcting pens
  • Highlighters
  • Glue stick
  • Colored pencils or markers
  • 3-pack of Kleenex
  • 2 pack of 3x5 notecards
  • 1 pair of earbuds

Core Classes:

*Reading/Language Arts: 5 pack of 3x3 sticky notes, 1 folder

*Science: 1 spiral, 1 folder, and 3 rolls of Scotch tape

*Social Studies: 1 spiral, 1 folder, and felt tip black and blue pens

*Math: a Texas Instruments 30X-IIS calculator, 1 ½ inch three-ring binder w/pocket and 5 tab dividers, 1 spiral, 1 pack of graph paper, l pack of loose leaf paper, and a 4 pack of low odor whiteboard markers

*Honors Math: all of the above and a protractor

*Unified Arts: 1 folder and earbuds

*P.E.: 1 folder

You may have ONE of the following: Foreign Language: 1 spiral, 2 folders Chorus: folder

7th Grade List

7th Grade 2018-2019 School Supply List

*Please note supplies need to be maintained throughout the school year. Refills should be stored in locker.*


  • 2 boxes of Kleenex-please bring the first week of school.


  • Pencil case with pencils, pens-blue or black AND red, highlighters, and erasers
  • Earbuds or Headphones (to be kept in the Chromebook case at all times along with the charger)


  • Three ring binder (1 inch) with 1 divider-Sullivan; with 5 dividers-Kinney & Varner
  • One two-pocket folder- Kinney & Varner
  • Graph paper
  • Scientific calculator–used in science class also! Recommended model: TI-30X IIS
  • Small protractor (4 inch)
  • Loose Leaf paper


  • 4 single separate spiral notebooks
  • 1 double pocket green folder or binder
  • 2 rolls of scotch tape to leave in the classroom
  • 200 note cards to leave at home to create note cards for reviewing science words


  • 1 double pocket folder- blue


  • 2 double pocket folders (one will stay in the classroom at all times)
  • 1 unopened standard package of pencils to leave in the classroom
  • Post-its - several packs to last throughout the year
  • Smithe only- one 1-subject notebook (to leave in classroom)


  • Accelerated Spanish-1 spiral notebook or loose leaf notebook, 2 double pocket folders, and dry-erase markers
  • Spanish-1 double pocket folder and dry-erase markers
  • French- 1 double pocket folder


  • 1 double pocket folder
  • Spiral notebook


  • 1 double pocket folder


  • 1 double pocket folder


  • 2 inch 3 ring binder with 8 tabs
  • 2 packs of notebook paper
  • 2 boxes of #2 pencils


  • 1 ½ inch 3 ring binder with 5 tabs
  • 1 Calculator (preferably TI-30x)
  • 1 pack of notebook paper

As stated above, please replenish supplies when you run out.

8th Grade List

GENERAL SUPPLIES (Needed for all classes): Bring to homeroom the first day of classes: 1 box of pencils

4 large boxes of facial tissues 1 package of loose-leaf paper Dry erase markers

For you all year in each class: (Keep extras in your locker all year to be replenished as needed.)

A generous supply of pencils, blue, black and red pens A generous supply of highlighters

A generous supply of lined notecards (either 3X5 or 4X6) Post-its

Ear buds

Social Studies:

1 two-pocket folder Colored pencils

Reading/Language Arts: Mrs. Duke's Reading Class:

1 two-pocket folder 2 inch, 3 ring binder with 8 tabs

1 composition notebook 2 packs of notebook paper 2 boxes of #2 pencils


1 two-pocket folder

1 spiral notebook

Science Fair Students:

1 two-pocket folder

Math 8: Geometry:

1 three-ring binder with 5 dividers (1.5 inch or 2 inch) 1 pack of graph paper

  1. two-pocket folder 1 pack of loose-leaf paper

TI - NSpire (non-CAS) Calculator (please see attached form 1 three-ring binder with 5 dividers for more calculator information) Scientific calculator

  1. packs of graph paper Erasers

One pack of loose-leaf paper Erasers

Algebra: Mrs. Duke’s Math Class:

1 three-ring binder with 5 dividers (1.5 inch or 2 inch) 1 1/2 inch, 3 ring binder with 5 dividers

1 two-pocket folder 2 packs of notebook paper

TI-Nspire (non-CAS) calculator (please see attached form 2 boxes of #2 pencils

for more calculator information) 2 packs of graph paper

  1. pack of loose-leaf paper Erasers


  1. packages of pencils 5 folders

2 boxes of Kleenex

General Music: Chorus:

  1. two-pocket folder 1 two-pocket folder

Foreign Language:

  1. two-pocket folders

Dry erase markers (Spanish only)