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Parking Lot Etiquette

This page explains the procedures for using the Wood Oaks drive to drop-off and pick-up students. These procedures are designed to ensure the safety of both staff and students and have been developed in coordination with the District 27 Director of Facilities. 

AM Drop-Off

At 6:30 AM each day, the entrance to the staff parking lot will be closed off to all traffic entering from Sanders Road.  All vehicles will need to use the horseshoe drive which wraps around to the front of the school to drop off students.  Please maintain a safe speed and obey all posted stop signs. 

Staff members will be crossing from the lot to the building during this time, please be aware of them. If you need to visit the main office during morning drop-off time, please follow the horseshoe drive around, enter the staff lot from the south end and park in a visitors space (marked in green on the map). Once parked, please make use of the marked crosswalks to approach the building. 

There are also three visitor spaces located on the south end of the property which can be used (also marked in green on the map). At approximately 8:30 AM each day, the entrance to the staff lot from Sanders Road will be re-opened and use of the horseshoe drive to park and visit the office will no longer be required.

PM Drop-Off

At 2:30 PM each day, the entrance to the staff parking lot from Sanders Road will once again be secured. Vehicles arriving to pick-up students will need to follow the horseshoe drive around, maintaining a safe speed and obeying all posted stop signs, until they reach the front of the school or another parked vehicle. Vehicles should form a line along the curb (marked in yellow on the map) and wait for student dismissal. 

Parking in the visitor spaces in the staff lot or south driveway (marked in green on the map) will be reserved only for those with business in the main office or for parents who need to assist their child to the car. Examples of this include: students on crutches, students unable to carry their own bags, and students with large instruments. If your child does not require your assistance to get to your vehicle, you should not be parking in the staff parking lot, but joining the lines of cars around the horseshoe drive. 

Cars in the horseshoe drive should form two lines in the right two lanes. The far left lane should be left open for through traffic.  If there are too many cars to fit in those two lanes, Wood Oaks staff members will assist visitors with filling in the third lane of traffic. Students will not be allowed to get into a vehicle until that vehicle has pulled up and is in the loading zone marked with yellow paint on the pavement (marked in yellow on the map). This area begins near the first set of double doors on the north side of the building. If you are within a short distance of that zone, please do not call for your child and encourage them to challenge the staff member posted there to ensure they only load in the designated area. 

I am aware that many students have after school commitments which require them to be at a certain location at a certain time. My recommendation to you, if that situation applies, is to arrive early and be one of the first cars in the line. This plan is based on the philosophy that every student should enter a vehicle at the curb and not need to cross in front of other vehicles. No student will be allowed to cross the drive and enter the staff lot unless they are escorted by a parent who is properly parked. On most days, all parent traffic has exited the Wood Oaks lot by 3:45 pm and we begin to load buses. 

For those arriving at school for an after-school athletic event, the entrance to the staff lot from Sanders Road will be re-opened at 3:45 PM. If you arrive earlier than that, you will not be able to access the parking lot.

Please keep in mind that the rationale for these procedures is to maintain the safety of all pedestrians on our campus. Since the institution of these procedures last year, the number of reported “close calls” of vehicle vs. pedestrian incidents has been drastically reduced. We consider the safety of every individual on our campus to be my paramount responsibility.