First Day of School

August 11, 2017 03:34 PM

The 2017 – 2018 school year will begin at 8:15 am on Wednesday, August 23.  Students should enter the building and report to the small gym where we will start our year together with a short assembly. Students can begin arriving at 7:45 am, as that is when supervisors are present.  On all school days, we ask that parents do not drop off students any earlier than 7:45 am, unless it is for a scheduled practice or rehearsal, as there will not be any supervision present at that time.  

While the school day starts at 8:15 am, we do ask that all students are in the building no later than 8:09 am.  This allows students time to get to their locker, collect necessary materials for their morning, and make it to class in order to be seated and ready for instruction by the 8:15 am bell. Thank you for your assistance with this matter.