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The resource teacher helps provide various types of special instructional programs for students in consultation with the classroom teacher and other specialists.  These programs offer learning assistance primarily in the areas of reading, language arts and mathematics.

Extended Resource Teacher

Nicole Amato, Extended Resource

Nicole Amato

(847) 847-272-1900, ext. 5510

Sixth Grade 

Leah Rivette, Sixth Grade Resource

Leah Rivette

(847) 847-272-1900, ext. 5602

Seventh Grade 

Katie Cramer, Seventh Grade Resource

Katie Kramer

(847) 847-272-1900, ext. 5617

Self-Contained Reading/Math 

Susan Duke, Self-Contained Resource

Susan Duke

(847) 847-272-1900, ext. 5606

Eighth Grade

Jessica Scharaga, Eighth Grade Resource

Jessica Scharaga

(847) 847-272-1900, ext. 5621