Support Services

District 27 offers its students a rigorous and coherent curricular program for all students in all of the core subject areas. The District also provides a wide variety of services for children that may need additional help. Some of these students require support for learning disabilities while others have a language barrier because they are new to this country. Still, others are identified as intellectually gifted.

The support programs offered include Special Education Resources, Emergent Bilingual Program, and Extended Learning Programs. The District also offers a variety of other services to help our students be successful. These include Social Work and Psychology, Reading Specialists, Resource Specialists, and Speech Specialists.


Contact Information

Sixth Grade 

Leah Rivette, Sixth Grade Resource

Leah Rivette

(847) 847-272-1900, ext. 5602

Extended Resource Teacher

Nicole Amato, Extended Resource

Nicole Amato

(847) 847-272-1900, ext. 5510

Seventh Grade 

Katie Cramer, Seventh Grade Resource

Katie Kramer

(847) 847-272-1900, ext. 5617

Self-Contained Reading/Math 

Susan Duke, Self-Contained Resource

Susan Duke

(847) 847-272-1900, ext. 5606

Eighth Grade

Jessica Scharaga, Eighth Grade Resource

Jessica Scharaga

(847) 847-272-1900, ext. 5621


The resource teacher helps provide various types of special instructional programs for students in consultation with the classroom teacher and other specialists.  These programs offer learning assistance primarily in the areas of reading, language arts and mathematics.

Emergent Bilingual

Contact Information

 Emergent Bilingual Teacher

Julie Palazzolo, EL Teacher

Julie Palazzolo

(847) 847-272-1900, ext. 5609


The Emergent Bilingual specialist provides various types of special instruction programs for students who speak English as a second language.

About District 27's Emergent Bilingual Program

Social Work and Guidance

Contact Information

Social Worker

Matthew Boltz, Social Worker

Matthew Boltz

(847) 847-272-1900, ext. 5612

Guidance Counselor

Kirsten Brown, Guidance Counselor

 Kirsten Brown

(847) 847-272-1900, ext. 5608


These staff members administer tests and interpret test results through individual conferences with students and/or parents. The social worker and guidance counselor help students to solve problems that may be affected their school performance. Students may refer themselves to these staff members or may be referred by parents or a teacher.


Contact Information


Christine Fohs, Psychologist

Christine Fohs

(847) 847-272-1900, ext. 5613


The school psychologist works with students to assess and determine the need for intervention strategies to students who have difficulties with learning.  This includes difficulties with reading, writing, math, attention, autism, and other difficulties related to health, behavior and emotional problems.  School psychology services may be accessed through a request to a teacher, the principal, the Special Education office, or by directly contacting the school psychologist. 

Speech Language

Contact Information

Speech Pathologist

Lauran Mantoan, Speech Pathologist

 Laura Mantoan

(847) 847-272-1900, ext. 5600


The speech and language pathologist works with students to assess, diagnose and treat speech and language disorders that impact educational achievement.  Speech and language disorders can be in the areas of:  articulation and phonology, expressive and receptive language, pragmatics, fluency, and voice.  Depending on the needs of the individual, students receive services individually, in a small group, and/or within a small classroom.  Generalization of skills is monitored through classroom observation.