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Book Match

Wood Oaks Students compete to demonstrate their knowledge of select books.


Welcome author Barbara Binns

Author Barbara Binns recently visited several classes. These classes had read her highly acclaimed book Courage. Barbara encouraged students to ponder what might be real and what she made up in her Chicago-based book. She suggested that aspiring authors try writing 100 words for 100 days. Barbara remains a leader in the "We Need Diverse Books" promotion.



Upcoming: Book Match Competition

On March 15th, 2019, Book Match teams will compete. They will be tested on the knowledge of 50 books. 



Students recently practiced their TED Ed presentations in the library. Spectators provided feedback regarding student speeches.


Welcome local author

Author Claire Zulkey recently visited Creative Writing. Ms. Zulkey discussed her work as a freelance writer, Young Adult, Middle Grade, and even a ghostwriter. She talked about the many challenges she experienced along the way. Students left feeling inspired and knowing to achieve dreams, one must never give up. 





Novermber 15th is an Illinois Family Reading Night sponsored by Jesse White, State Librarian. We enourage District 27 families to read together sometime during this week. Photos of families reading together will be displayed in the school libraris. If you would like to share a photo of your family reading, please email it to Mrs. Cronin at

Family Reading Night flyer

On Monday, November 12th, students discussed the book, I Will Always Write Back. This book reflects our grant, "Opening Windows to our World." The State of Illinois grant celebrates diversity.

What is the book about? "The New York Times bestselling true story tells of an all-American girl and a boy from Zimbabwe and the letter that changed both of their lives forever." 

Students met during their lunch periods to converse about this book. Image result for i will always write back


 Best-selling author Margaret Peterson Haddix visited Wood Oaks on Thursday, November 8th. All students viewed one of Ms. Haddix's four presentations. 

For more information about Margaret Peterson Haddix, please see her website here.



Going on Now: Opening Windows to Our World encourages students to read new books that discuss diversity. Wood Oaks received 117 books from a Jessie White, State of Illinois grant. To encourage student reading, participants may get involved with book discussions, crafting a bookmark, recommending a book on the Announcements, or simply by reading a book that includes diversity. 

Ava crafted a bookmark for the title, I Will Always Write Back. She also won a spirit point for her homeroom. 

Students at Wood Oaks participated in Teen Read Week. Activities include: nominating a favorite book for a display; applying to win a "Peculiar Writing Workshop" with author Ransom Riggs; discovering their book fortune; selecting a book made into a movie and stating which version they liked best. 

Author Margaret Peterson Haddix ponders students' questions.

Students asking questions to a guest speaker
As part of Teen Read Week, Kristin received her book fortune, and checked out the recommended book title. 

As part of Teen Read Week, Kristin received her book fortune, and checked out the recommended book title. 

Students Visit Library Cafe

Students gather in the library each Tuesday and Thursday during fifth and sixth period lunches. They enjoy a quieter environment to chat with friends and play board games.