Wood Oaks All-Star

Wood Oaks All-Star January 2020 Welcome Back Video

Dear Wood Oaks Alumni, 

We are excited to be reaching out to all of our Wood Oaks alumni in hopes that you can inspire our current Wildcats!  This year we have a theme that we are stressing with our students. We are encouraging them to be Wood Oaks All-Stars by setting a goal and working towards that goal. To welcome them back in January and to motivate them in their work towards their goal, we would like to have a compilation of former Wood Oaks Wildcats, each sharing a short 30-second video on how you have become an All-Star. You will find a simple script to follow to the right in order to make the short video. All videos can be uploaded to Wood Oaks All-Stars. Deadline for videos is December 15, 2019

Thank you so much for being a Wood Oaks  All-Star. We are all very proud of our Wildcats!

Cari Beake
Assistant Principal

Sample Script

“Hi Wildcats! I’m (state your name) All-Star Wildcat class of (your Wood Oaks graduating year). 

I’m proud to say that I am an All-Star because I set the goal of becoming___________. (Describe one goal that helped you become who you are today. Please share what you do for a living and anything else that you think is important to emphasize how you reached your goal).

How will you be an All-Star Wildcat?” 

Feel free to use your own words.  The script is merely a guide for you if you would like to use it.