Welcome Letter from Principal

On behalf of the faculty and staff of Wood Oaks Junior High School, welcome to the Wood Oaks website. You can learn a lot about our academic and extra-curricular offerings by spending more time on this site. What is more difficult to discern from the site, however, is the level of dedication by all members of the Wood Oaks educational community, including students, parents and staff, to ensure all students are successful. This is readily apparent to anyone who spends even a brief amount of time in our building. We pride ourselves on maintaining an environment which is safe, nurturing, and encourages creative problem-solving.

Wood Oaks serves all sixth through eighth graders in Northbrook School District 27. Our school is fed by a K-2 building, Hickory Point Elementary School, and a 3-5 building, Shabonee Elementary School.

Cari Beake,
Cari Beake, Wood Oaks Principal

Cari Beake