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Wood Oaks "Secret Sauce"

What makes Wood Oaks special? On Tuesday, January 24, the Wood Oaks staff participated in our building-wide, after-school professional development session. We reviewed how Wood Oaks students are doing on several different measures, including being recognized as a Blue Ribbon school.

Staff then worked collaboratively to identify the five "ingredients" that make Wood Oaks special –– the "secret sauce" that creates a great place for students to learn and teachers to grow professionally. Staff came to the conclusion that Wood Oaks has these five ingredients to success (in no particular order):

  • we are systematic,
  • a community,
  • provide and have opportunities,
  • are dedicated,
  • and have heart.

These are the “ingredients” that we strive for our Wood Oaks students to also possess. We could not be more proud of them!