Wood Oaks News

Peanut Allergies

As you likely are aware, Wood Oaks, like most schools these days, has a good number of students who have significant allergies to peanuts and/or tree nuts. We have several layers of precautions in place at school to create a safe environment for those students.  It is also a great assistance from all families when lunches are packed to minimize the amount of peanut-containing foods included in those lunches.  We are appreciative of that thoughtfulness.  Also, while snacking in classrooms is generally not allowed, there have been some exceptions made for medical reasons, with strict guidelines in place for those occasions. Please help remind your child that all food should be stored in student lockers until lunch time and returned to the locker after lunch. This also assists in the potential spread of any allergens. Thank you so much for your consideration of the welfare of all students at Wood Oaks.