Wood Oaks News

LRIA Testing

The Learning Renewal Interim Assessment (LRIA) will be administered at Wood Oaks on 5/9 (Math), 5/10 (Reading), and 5/11(Writing). LRIA is new this year from the Illinois State Board of Education. These computerized, adaptive assessments have been administered in the fall, winter, and spring to monitor student learning and growth. They focus on reading, writing and math, and function similarly to STAR assessments which students have taken in previous years. These short tests are unique, as they are customized to our District and focus on the standards that our students have learned up until the time of testing. 

We highly value classroom instructional time and have worked to ensure that this year’s assessment schedule does not result in an increase in overall testing time. The reading and writing assessments will be given during reading/LA classes on Tuesday, May 10 and Wednesday May 11, and the math assessment will be administered first thing in the morning on Monday, May 9, using a modified school bell schedule. Please avoid pulling your child out of school during those times if it can be avoided. Students absent during those times will need to be pulled out of a class at a later date in order to take a make-up exam.  

Please make sure your child comes to school with a fully charged Chromebook. Also, please make sure your child has earbud/earphones in their Chromebook bag. Bluetooth is NOT allowed, they must be the plug-in type. Students should always have these available for class and will need them for the reading assessment.