Wood Oaks News

Face to Face Google Hangouts Meet (GHM) Meetings

Dear District 27 Parents,

I hope you all are doing well! As we prepare for next week’s learning, we will begin to conduct whole class meetings via video conference. These class meetings will enable each child in the homeroom to log into the video conference simultaneously. The purpose of these classroom meetings is to enable students to feel connected with their teacher and classmates. However, the teachers will not be conducting lessons at this time.  We know how important it is for each student to see and hear their teacher and to maintain strong relationships.

We have decided to use Google Hangouts Meet (GHM) as our platform for the class meetings. Through our NB27 Google Education account, GHM meets the requirements of the Child Online Personal Protection Act (COPPA). 

We have included specific protocols for joining classroom meetings. Likewise, we are sharing some guidelines for you to review with your children. We ask that you please take a few minutes to review these protocols with your children prior to the meeting.

Parents will find the information about the time of the GHM in the Google slide deck for K-5 children. For Wood Oaks students, the date and time of the GHM will be posted on the student’s first period teacher’s Canvas page a day or two prior to the meeting, and students will receive an email from the teacher immediately prior to that meeting time.

I personally appreciate the work you are doing at home. I know that it is a huge task, and it can feel daunting. As we all continue to work together, we will see this unprecedented time through to healthy success. Tomorrow I will send you the Glenview/Northbrook Coronavirus Task Force Newsletter which will have more information about resources you can access in our community. We will all stay strong and vigilant - Northbrook Strong!


Dave Kroeze PhD

Superintendent of Schools