Wood Oaks News

Environmental Committee / Go Green Initiative

In honor of America Recycles Day on November 15, students can participate in our Chip Snack Bag Recycling Collection Program in the lunchroom, from Tuesday, November 5th - Friday, November 22nd. It’s easy! Thanks to the Go Green club for helping to run this collection. 

What: Students can recycle chip snack bags (including snack-sized, foil-lined chip bags and clear pretzel bags) from their lunches.

How: Special bins will be available in the lunchroom to collect emptied chip bags. *Note: Please do not send in extra bags from home. This is a lunchroom-based collection only. 

What’s Next: Collected bags will be sent to TerraCycle, where they are cleaned and melted into hard plastic to be remolded into new recycled products. What an easy way our kids can help the environment!