Wood Oaks News

Drop-Off/Pick-Up Procedures

To facilitate our intake procedures, Wildcats will be dropped off and enter the building through three different entrances. All vehicles will still enter the lot off of Sanders and use the horseshoe drive to get to the building.  Students should exit their vehicle and enter the building based on this diagram. It is important that 7th grade families are especially efficient in unloading their students as their entrance is on the north side of the building, prior to the 6th and 8th grade entrances.  Those vehicles will also need to exit carefully once students are unloaded as other vehicles may be going around to get to the front entrances.

Once in the building, students will report to different morning locations to await the start of the school day.  All 8th grade students will report to their first period classroom.  Sixth and seventh graders will report to locations based on their lunch period.  We created this infographic to help those students determine their assigned location. Creating these locations was necessary based on not having more than 50 students in one location at a given time. 

End of the day pick-up procedures will be largely the same as prior years, though with half of our students remote each day, there will be slightly less traffic. Please follow the direction of staff members who are stacking cars in the driveway prior to dismissal.  We have a solid process that ensures cars make it to the front of the school in the same order in which they arrived.  This only works if cars stay in their assigned lane until the reach the building, when the traffic become single file.  We will have supervisors outside at dismissal helping students to maintain a 6-foot physical distance as they wait to be picked up.