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Drop-off and Pick-up

For parents who are driving their students to and from school by car, we request that you utilize the driveway that encircles the parking lot. When students exit the vehicle, we ask that they do so exclusively from the passenger side. If the drop-off line experiences a pause in traffic, students are permitted to exit from the vehicle at the sidewalk located on the northern side of the building, specifically starting at the District Office Entrance.

At the end of the school day, we request that you continue using the same extended driveway for student pick-up. In the absence of exceptional circumstances, we discourage parents from parking within the parking lot for drop-off or pick-up purposes. However, if parking becomes necessary, an adult should ensure the safe passage of the student across the sidewalk surrounding the building. For the safety of all involved, it's important that students should never be unaccompanied in the parking lot at any time. We appreciate your understanding, patience, and cooperation as we work together to ensure the well-being of everyone within our school community.