Wood Oaks News

Concert Week 2020

This week is a busy week of concerts for our instrumental musicians.  At 7 pm on Tuesday, we will hold the annual D27 Orchestra Festival that features both the Wood Oaks Orchestra and the 5th Grade Orchestra. Then, at the same time on Thursday, the Wood Oaks bands will be joined by the Shabonee 5th graders.  Both events will take place in the big gym. We do expect both evenings to be well-attended, but the crowds will be somewhat larger on Thursday as that concert involves more children. So, on Thursday, we will have shuttle service available from the Wood Oaks Green parking lots to Wood Oaks both before and after the concert. We will fit as many cars as possible in our parking lot, but once our lot is full, all traffic will be directed to the Wood Oaks Green Park.  Please consider carpooling if you are attending either evening.