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Checking a Student Out During the Day

If your child needs to be picked up or dropped off during the school day, please ensure this occurs in the Wood Oaks Main Office. If you are checking out a student for an appointment, please come to the office with identification and we will call your student out of class.  We do not preemptively pull students out of class for a parent arriving at a certain time. Too often those times are not totally accurate and the student ends up missing valuable class time. When returning with the student, we do not need the parent to come into the office. We will check them back in when they arrive. We have had a couple parents recently drop a student off outside at the horseshoe drive to join their class at lunch or PE. Please do not do this. When this happens, the office is unaware that the child is back on campus. Please pick up and return your child to the Wood Oaks Main Office.