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As mentioned earlier, the morning health screenings used last year are no longer a part of our morning arrival process. It is still important that you, as parents, ensure your child is healthy and COVID symptom free before sending them to school. All Wood Oaks students should be in the school building no later than 8:10 am each day. This gives them five minutes to go to their locker and get to first period so that they are ready to learn right at 8:15 am.  Please consider traffic patterns and ensure your child is in the building by 8:10 am each day. 3:30 pm dismissal will work as it did in pre-pandemic years. Bus riders will go to the commons, with walkers, bike riders, and carpool students exiting through Door A to leave the building. Even though they will be outdoors, students will be expected to maintain their mask wearing etiquette until off property or in a parent vehicle.  Bus riders will maintain masks until they get to their bus stop and disembark. We do expect our driveway to be full for carpool pickup. Carpool pickup generally takes from 3:30 pm until 3:45 pm. At that point, we will start loading buses. We strongly encourage parents picking up students after school to wait until about 3:40 pm to approach campus if possible. This will save you the time just sitting in our lot, help to prevent our carpool lane from backing up onto Sanders Road, and still get you to your child at about the same time.