Wood Oaks News

Adaptive Pause

After almost 12 successful weeks of in-person teaching and learning, we were all saddened to learn that after Thanksgiving, students will no longer be reporting to the building.  We do understand why this is happening and certainly want to err on the side of safety.  On the positive side, with our hybrid students logging in from home half of the time already, the transition should be relatively smooth.  Some big picture things as we prepare for this shift:

  • We will operate under the same bell schedule we follow right now.  Students will continue to access Zoom links on the teachers’ Canvas calendars and join classes remotely every day now instead of every other day. 
  • We do ask for your assistance in helping to encourage your child to maintain their Zoom camera on for their lessons to the maximum extent possible.  This will become even more important in this full remote arrangement and students not having an in-person connection with the teacher.  It is a great help to teachers if they can see the students’ faces as they teach. 
  • The biggest difference for both current hybrid and fully remote students is that there will now be daily Zoom meetings for physical education and for all Unified Arts courses, including art and music.  Those Zoom links will be located in the same place as all of the other links, on the agenda view of the Canvas calendar.
  • Additionally, advisory, which does not currently have a remote component, will continue virtually.  Students will attend advisory on the same day/period as they currently do, it will just be via Zoom.  That link will also be located in the Canvas calendar.  Current fully remote students will continue to have advisory with Mrs. Spak. 
  • There will be no study hall classes while we are in this full remote status.

Over the next week and a half, teachers will be sending items home with students that they will need while learning remotely.  We are looking at the need to hold a day in early January where additional curriculum items, that can’t be shared electronically, could be distributed to parents stopping by the school.  More to come on that.