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Wood Oaks Newsletter: String & Band Festivals

Strings Festival &  Band Festival 

I want to wish all our Wood Oaks musicians good luck. Our D27 String Festival will be this Tuesday at 6:30 PM in the Wood Oaks Big Gym. Our 4th and 5th grade orchestra students will be joining us for that performance. On Wednesday, our 5th grade band students will be performing with our Wood Oaks Symphonic Band and Wind Ensemble during their D27 Band Festival also at 6:30 PM in the Wood Oaks Big Gym. Please join us for one or both of these fabulous concerts. 

Erin’s Law

In compliance with IL State law, a program on child sexual abuse awareness and prevention will be presented to all Wood Oaks students on March 5, 2024. These presentations will be by Victor Pacini

The program is being scheduled in response to Erin’s Law, a State law requiring that all public schools implement a sexual abuse awareness and prevention curriculum for grades K-12. For additional information about Erin’s Law, please visit

The presentations will cover the following topics:

  • Safe touch, unsafe touch, confusing touches

  • Healthy/unhealthy relationships and grooming

  • Good and bad secrets

  • Saying “no” to unwanted touches

  • Safety steps and reporting

The presentations are designed to empower and educate children in a developmentally appropriate, child-friendly manner. If you have any questions about the presentations or do not wish for your child to participate in this program, please email Mrs. Beake (  A confirmation acknowledgment of your request will be sent.

6th Grade Field Trip Review

This past Tuesday our 6th grade students visited three different houses of worship in Northbrook as part of their world religions unit in Social Studies. The field trip provided students with the opportunity to expand their learning beyond the classroom walls and to see and admire the cultural diversity and richness of their local community. Students visited the Islamic Cultural Center, Village Presbyterian Church, and Congregation Beth Shalom. We’d like to thank Imam Hazim Fazlic, Minister Ed Burton, and Rabbi Aaron Melman for their hospitality and positive messages shared with our students. We are very proud of the respect our students showed at each of these sacred places and the insightful questions and comments they had for each of our hosts.