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WO Newsletter 10.22.21

Parent/Teacher Conferences (Only Posting)

Thank you to all of you who participated in this session of conferences this week.  In speaking with teachers over the past couple of days, it sounds like these important conversations went very well.  We are so appreciative of your partnership and support of our mission to educate your children to succeed in a changing world.  

Learning Renewal Interim Assessment (Only Posting)

The Learning Renewal Interim Assessment (LRIA) will be administered at Wood Oaks next week.  LRIA is new this year from the Illinois State Board of Education. These computerized, adaptive assessments will be administered in the fall, winter, and spring to monitor student learning and growth. They focus on reading, writing and math, and function similarly to STAR assessments which students have taken in previous years. These short tests are unique, as they are customized to our District and focus on the standards that our students have learned up until the time of testing. 

We highly value classroom instructional time and have worked to ensure that this year’s assessment schedule does not result in an increase in overall testing time.  The reading assessment will be given during reading/LA classes on Monday, October 25 and the math assessment will be administered first thing in the morning on Wednesday, October 27 using a modified school bell schedule.  Please avoid pulling your child out of school during those times if it can be avoided.  Students absent during those times will need to be pulled out of a class at a later date in order to take a make-up exam.  The writing portion of LRIA is only administered in the spring. 

Please make sure your child comes to school with a fully-charged Chromebook. Also, please make sure your child has earbud/earphones in their Chromebook bag. Bluetooth is NOT allowed, they must be the plug-in type. Students should always have these available for class and will need them for the reading assessment. 

Student Vaccine Card Collection (First Posting)

Northbrook 27 has created a new form to collect student vaccine cards. If you have previously submitted your student's vaccine card, you do not need to resubmit. Anyone who has not submitted their student's vaccine card and wishes to do so can complete the form here. These cards are being collected on a voluntary basis to help expedite our contact tracing process. Thank you for your partnership in this matter!

Mental Health Awareness (First Posting)

With increased attention on mental health awareness as we continue to move through this pandemic, community activism group CATCH is proud to sponsor a program for our students and parents.  Click here to see more information and to register for this 7 pm November 15 presentation. 

Morning Arrival (First Posting)

A friendly reminder that students should not be arriving at Wood Oaks prior to 7:45 am.  Our doors are locked and there is no supervision present before that time. As our morning temperatures get lower and lower, students will be more and more uncomfortable if they arrive early.  If you drive your child and arrive at the building prior to 7:45 am, please have your child remain in the car until our doors open at 7:45 am. We are working with our bus company to adhere to the same guidance.  When a large number of students are waiting to come in at 7:35-7:40, they are unable to maintain proper physical distancing on their own, and without supervision at that time, they will not be redirected to maintain spacing.  

Yearbook Ordering (Second Posting)

Wood Oaks 2021-22 Yearbooks will be available for online ordering starting Saturday, October 16.  Yearbook ordering was not a part of online registration this year.  So, as of this newsletter, no one has ordered a yearbook to be delivered at the end of this school year.  All yearbook orders will be made directly through Josten’s. You can click here to reserve your child’s copy.

Halloween at Wood Oaks (Final Posting)

Wood Oaks will be allowing costumes at school on Friday, October 29 as long as students can adhere to our guidelines.  Read more here.

Updated Travel Guidance (Ongoing Posting)

The Cook County Department of Public Health (CCDPH) recently changed its travel guidelines and is following CDC recommendations for unvaccinated individuals. We continue to follow these guidelines to keep our schools safe. Below are the most recent guidelines for domestic and international travel.

Unvaccinated student

  • Can return to school immediately but should get tested 3-5 days after travel

  • Self monitor health for a full 14 days after arrival in Suburban Cook County

Unvaccinated adult

  • Should get tested with a viral test 3-5 days after travel AND stay home and self-quarantine for a full 7 days after travel

International traveler

  • Must have negative test results prior to travel to the U.S.

  • Should get tested 3-5 days after travel

Vaccinated traveler

  • Should monitor health for a full 14 days after arrival in Suburban Cook County

  • Self monitor health for a full 14 days after arrival in Suburban Cook County

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