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Welcome to the Wood Oaks Newsletter.  This is my primary means of disseminating information to families, so please check back often.  I generally update this page once a week, usually on Fridays, but will occasionally put out a mid-week issue if there is information to share that cannot wait for the weekend.  To subscribe to this newsletter, click on the orange bell below, click on the newsletter, and fill out the pop-up form.

Newsletter Issue 8.23.19

Home-School Partnership (First Posting)

We value the strong home-school partnership that we have here in District 27. Next to high quality instruction in the classroom, our partnership stands as one of the most significant factors in a child’s education. We want to ensure that we have an open and highly collaborative relationship with all our parents and that our communication is strong. In addition, we want to address any concerns you may have over the course of the year in a positive, constructive, and reasoned manner. Please reference our practice by clicking here and taking a moment to read this document.

8th Grade PSAT Testing (First Posting)

I wanted to get these dates to you early so that 8th grade families can get them on their calendar as soon as possible.  All 8th grade students in the Northfield Township will need to take the PSAT-8 exam to provide placement data to the high school.  Wood Oaks eighth graders are scheduled to take that exam at Glenbrook North High School on the morning of Saturday, November 2.  If there is a schedule conflict with that date, the alternate date is Saturday, October 26 at Glenbrook South High School.  There will be much more information on these dates in the weeks to come.  I just wanted you to be able to mark your calendars early. 

STAR Testing (First Posting)

All Wood Oaks students will participate in STAR Math Testing on Wednesday, September 4.  These tests are taken right on the students’ Chromebooks and will be administered during the normally scheduled  math classes.  The majority of students are able to finish this testing in one class period.  The STAR test is administered three times each year and provides teachers with valuable insight into student growth over the year.  In the past, all students have also taken STAR Reading Tests.  This year, those tests will only be given to students who may need that data point for growth goals tied to an individualized plan.  We are currently looking for a long-term replacement for that test in the area of reading. 

Curriculum Nights (Second Posting)

Wood Oaks will host our annual Curriculum Nights the week of August 26.  Sixth grade Curriculum Night will be held at 6 pm on Monday, August 26 and the Curriculum Night for the parents of seventh and eighth grade students will take place at 6 pm on Thursday, August 29.  Both evenings will wrap up by 8 pm.  These sessions are for parents only and students should not attend.  This is an opportunity to meet your child’s teachers and hear about the amazing teaching and learning that will be taking place in those classrooms throughout the year.  Please keep in mind that this evening is about teachers sharing information with families and not the proper time to be sharing information about your child.  If you need to have a conversation with the teacher about your child, please contact them at another time and set up a phone conference.  Fall conferences will take place on October 16-17.  That is another opportunity for you to share information directly with the teacher. 

The Wood Oaks PTA will have a table set up near the front door at both Curriculum Nights next week.  If you stop by the table to register for the PTA 5K or to find out how you can sign up as a volunteer, you can also enter a raffle to receive early-bird Parent/Teacher Conference Registration and hand-pick your conference schedule.  We will draw one winner at the end of the evening!  Additionally, our local Girl Scout Troop will be selling baked goods in the front hallway to raise money for the Rohrabaugh Scholarship Fund.  So, please bring some cash with you next week!!

Wood Oaks Parking Lot (Third Posting)

If you are new to Wood Oaks, or have never used our parking lot to pick-up or drop-off a student, please take a few moments to review our parking lot procedures on this web page.  Afternoon pick-up is a busy time at Wood Oaks, but our system works very well when everyone involved knows how the system works.  While the lot does get quite full on some days, it is highly unusual that it takes more than 15 minutes to get all private vehicles out of the lot and to start loading buses.  Thank you for your cooperation with this matter of safety and efficiency. 

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