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Newsletter Issue 4.16.21

Non-Hybrid Learning (Only Posting)

It was quite a week at Wood Oaks this week with more students in the building than we have had since March 13, 2020.  As expected, there was a good deal of re-learning and adjusting to our full building procedures and expectations.  As you saw with the arrival and dismissal email, we are still making small adjustments to our plan both on small and large scales.  The bottom line is, it does feel more like a middle school than it has in a long time.  There is much about our arrangement that is not ideal, but everyone (teachers, students, parents, principals) is making the best of it, making safety a priority, and getting back to quality daily teaching and learning. Thank you all for your support and for your cooperation in adhering to our guidance. This has truly been a Wood Oaks community effort.

Remote Learning - IPPR (First Posting)

I know this has been written in a few locations before, but I want to reiterate something about attendance.  Since we have moved to all students belonging either to the group of every day remote learners or every day in-person learners, we are removing the option of an in-person student selecting to Zoom on a given day.  That was the code that was previously IPPR.  This status is now reserved only for students who are actually sick or are quarantining for COVID-related reasons.  If your child needs to miss all or part of a school day for other reasons, they would just check Canvas to see what they missed that day and make it up as they are able.  It will essentially be treated like an absence was treated in those pre-pandemic days. 

Professional Learning Day (Only Posting)

There will be no student attendance on Friday, April 23 to free up time for our staff to participate in professional learning.  Thank you for your support of this teacher work day.  This time is a tremendous benefit to teachers.

Morning Entry to the Building (First Posting)

The adjustments we made this week for morning arrival time seem to be helping with traffic congestion in the morning.  Thank you to those of you who drive your children to school.  One thing that can still be improved upon is all students having the Daily Health Certification Form filled out each day before arriving at school. As I have mentioned before, any time a student scans in and that form is not complete, it really slows down our process. 

End of Year Calendar At-a-Glance (New Posting)

April 23: Teachers’ Institute - No School

May 14: Teachers’ Institute - No School

May 28: Last day of school for 8th graders

May 30: 8th Grade Graduation at GBN

May 31: Memorial Day - No School

June 1: Update: This will be a full day of school for 6th/7th graders

June 2: Last Day of School for 6th/7th graders (8-11 am)