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Newsletter Issue 3.19.21

Graduation Update (First Posting)

By now, many of you probably saw Dr. Kroeze’s announcement that this year’s graduation will be held at noon on Sunday, May 30 at the GBN football stadium.  Over the past few weeks, there has been a great deal of conversation and our direction has changed on several occasions. The primary message that has been heard is to do all we can to get the Class of 2021 together for this rite of passage.  This stadium graduation is the best way for us to accomplish this based on our current constraints.  As our plans are finalized and guidance on crowd sizes develops, we will share all of that information with 8th grade families.  We know that holding this on Memorial Day weekend will present a challenge for many families, but this was the only day the GBN stadium was available for us to make this happen.  We are so excited at the idea of giving our soon-to-be graduates a proper send-off after a very challenging year.

All-In Instruction (First Posting)

The District announced today its intention to resume all-in instruction beginning Monday, April 12, meaning all students will attend school in-person, full-time unless they are already enrolled as fully remote for the remainder of the school year OR choose to opt into the fully remote program. No students will be continuing in the hybrid model.  A form will be sent to all current in-person students with an option to go fully remote.

We will be working on the details on how the logistics of this will all work and will be communicating with parents prior to April 12.  For those of you whose children have not been in the building yet this year, we will have a separate communication with you.  For the sixth graders who will be shifting from remote to in person for the first time and have not been in the building yet at all, we are working on arranging some sort of visit to the building prior to April 12 to help orient them prior to the first day.  Much more to come.

Important information for those traveling (First Posting)

Please check our posted Travel Guidelines that align with current recommendations from the CCDPH and CDC prior to any student travel. The list of orange and yellow states is subject to change on a weekly basis. 

Students who have traveled internationally or to an orange state will need to be tested and submit negative test results, as outlined in the guidelines, in order to resume in-person instruction. Below are the email addresses to submit test results:

· Hickory Point/Kindergarten Center:

· Shabonee School:

· Wood Oaks:

We are asking all families who plan to travel to an orange state or travel internationally for Spring Break to please complete this form. This will help our school nurses determine who is able to return to school once negative test results are submitted. Please do not reach out to the school nurse to confirm your return. They will only reach out to you if they do not receive test results or the test results are insufficient.

Medicine at School (Second Posting)

Please be sure that if your child needs to take any medication during the school day, they are not simply self-administering.  Those meds should be controlled by the school nurse and administered in the nurse’s office, even if they are in the habit of self-administering at home.  This guidance is a part of District 27 Board Policy 7:270.  If you have any questions about how to handle the administration of medicine at school, please contact our school nurse, Karen Kornick, at  Thank you for your assistance in this matter of safety.

Interscholastic Track (Final Posting)

Districts 27, 28, 30, and 31 are in final discussions to run a modified outdoor track season this spring.  We will be announcing an informational meeting for student-athletes in the coming days and sharing information as it becomes finalized.  If you are the parent of a child who you believe may be interested in participating in track this season, please verify that your child has a physical that is less than a year old.  If it is older, or will become older during the spring, you should look at scheduling a sports physical appointment now so that does not hold up your child’s participation.  If you are not sure about the expiration date of your child’s physical, you can contact the nurse at

Upcoming No Student Attendance Days (Final Posting)

As we approach spring break, here is a brief summary of the upcoming dates when students will not be in attendance:

March 19: Teachers’ Institute - No School

March 22-26: Spring Break


April 2: District Holiday - No School

April 23: Teachers’ Institute - No School


May 14: Teachers’ Institute - No School

May 31: Memorial Day - No School


June 1: Last Day of School for B Students (8 – 11 am)

June 2: Last Day of School for A Students (8 – 11 am)