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Newsletter Issue 11.15.19

Morning Drop-Off (First Posting)

I just wanted to toss out a reminder that the instructional day at Wood Oaks starts at 8:15 am.  That is not the time when students should be arriving at the building.  We have noticed a growth in the number of students who are arriving to school right at (or after) 8:15 am.  If students arrive after that time, they do need to check-in at the office, which further slows their arrival to their first period class.  Students can be dropped-off as early as 7:45 am, so feel free to get your children here at that time and let them either get some reading done or relax in the gym with friends.  And, yes, we do generally excuse tardies on days with inclement weather.  Thank you for your attention to this matter. 

Cold and Flu Season (First Posting)

If you have watched any of our local news broadcasts lately, you have likely seen a story about the importance of getting a flu shot each year.  With this early onset of wintery-cold weather, cold and flu season is arriving early this year.  In addition to that important step of getting a flu shot, there are other things that can be done to control the spread of this nasty virus.  Karen Kornick, the District 27 Head Nurse, has put together this handy flyer to help everyone better understand what they can do during flu season to protect themselves.  We go over similar things with our students here at school.  Please help us in doing all we can to maintain a healthy building.  Thank you.

Terra Nova Testing (First Posting)

All sixth and seventh grade students will be taking the Terra Nova test at Wood Oaks on Wednesday, December 4 and Thursday, December 5.  Testing on these days will run from the start of the day through 11:45 am.  Please do what you can to avoid scheduling doctor/dentist/ortho appointments during the morning hours of those two dates and to ensure your children arrive at school on time.  Since 8th grade students took the PSAT at GBN earlier, they will not need to take the Terra Nova.  8th graders will be participating in team-based activities with their teachers while the younger students are testing.  The testing block is longer than usual to help us condense the testing into two days, since the entire building is not testing.  We have built in some breaks to help the students maintain focus during this time. 

Northbrook Wrestling Program (First Posting)

Wrestling is offered as a sport to all young men and women who attend any of the four junior high schools in Northbrook.  The sport is run out of Maple School (District 30) and has experienced some great successes in these first few years of this program.  Many of those successes have involved Wood Oaks student-athletes.  If you think your child may be interested in this wonderful program, click here to learn more about it.  Students will also hear about the wrestling team through their PE classes.

Environmental Committee/Go Green Initiative (Final Posting)

In honor of America Recycles Day on November 15, students can participate in our Chip Snack Bag Recycling Collection Program in the lunchroom, from Tuesday, November 5th - Friday, November 22nd. It’s easy! Thanks to the Go Green club for helping to run this collection. 

What: Students can recycle chip snack bags (including snack-sized, foil-lined chip bags and clear pretzel bags) from their lunches.

How: Special bins will be available in the lunchroom to collect emptied chip bags. *Note: Please do not send in extra bags from home. This is a lunchroom-based collection only. 

What’s Next: Collected bags will be sent to TerraCycle, where they are cleaned and melted into hard plastic to be remolded into new recycled products. What an easy way our kids can help the environment!

Looking for Wood Oaks Alumni (Fourth Posting)

We are encouraging all of our students to set a personal goal this year and become Wood Oaks All Stars!  We would like to put together a video montage of past WO graduates who have set and achieved a goal in any area.  Volunteers would just do a short recording (you could use your phone) of who they are, when they attended WO, and what goal they have achieved to help them become an “All Star."  Click here for more information.

Word of the Week (Ongoing Posting)

Our goal this year is to increase vocabulary by learning Latin and Greek roots and prefixes and suffixes.   For the next several weeks, we will be focusing on the Latin root voc (vok), meaning call. This week’s highlighted word was evoke, which means to call forth emotions, feelings, or responses. The  Word of the Week for next week is avocation, an activity that a person engages in regularly for pleasure; one’s hobby. You and your child can discuss hobbies that you have presently, or one’s that you had when you were in middle school. Other words that use voc for their root include vocal, revoke, and equivocal.

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