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Newsletter Issue 5.29.20

End of Year Calendar (Updated Posting)

May 29 – Final academic day for all students. Gradebooks close.

May 30 – Virtual Graduation Ceremony emailed home to 8th grade families

June 1 – Virtual “Field Day” through 6th and 7th grade homerooms in morning. Drive-thru Graduation Ceremony starting at 5 pm

June 2 – Grade Level Meetings with Dr. McElligott/Mrs. Beake. 6th grade at 9 am, 7th grade at 10 am.

June 3 – 8th Grade Material Drop-Off/Pick-Up at Wood Oaks 2 – 6 pm.

June 4 – 7th Grade Material Drop-Off/Pick-Up at Wood Oaks 2 – 6 pm.

June 5 – 6th Grade Material Drop-Off/Pick-Up at Wood Oaks 2 – 6 pm.

Parent Q & A Sessions with Administration (Only Posting)

Next week, Superintendent Dr. David Kroeze, Principal Dr. Rob McElligott, and other District 27 administrators will be holding Q & A Zoom sessions for Wood Oaks families about E-Learning and how the District is preparing for what school will look like in the fall.  For Wood Oaks, these sessions will be held at noon and 7 pm on Thursday, June 4. Sessions aimed at the other buildings, two for Hickory Point and two for Shabonee, are being held earlier in the week.  Dr. Kroeze will be present for all of these sessions except the final 7 pm Wood Oaks session on June 4, as his daughter is getting married.  Dr. Theresa Fournier will be filling in for him at that 7 pm, June 4 session. You can see an informational video from Dr. Kroeze, see the full schedule for all of these events, and submit questions in advance by visiting the D27 E-Learning Page of the website.

Virtual Yearbook Signing (Only Posting)

In an attempt to recreate one of the most anticipated events of the school year, WO students were invited to participate in a Virtual Yearbook Signing Party through Jostens, our yearbook company. We apologize that many students had issues accessing these pages. We reached out to Jostens to help us remedy the situation and most of those issues should be corrected as of now. However, we have word from Jostens that some issues with signing in could take as long as until Saturday to correct. We apologize to those that had difficulties. We will keep the links to Jostens open through the student District email accounts open until 3:30 pm on Tuesday, June 2. Students should print their virtual yearbook pages prior to that time. 

Report Cards (Only Posting)

Final report cards for the year will be available in the IC Parent Portal at 3:30 pm on Tuesday, June 4.  A reminder that, in line with the guidance we received from the State of IL, students received either a grade of “pass” or “incomplete” based on their work during the fourth quarter. We will be watching updates from the IL State Board of Education regarding student grades for the fall.  While we will need to follow any administrative mandates from the State, our hope would be to provide some level of quantitative feedback to students for their work next year.

Graduation Activities Update (Final Posting)

A comprehensive email with all of the details for the various activities surrounding 8th grade graduation was emailed home on May 12.  Also, please refer to the Class of 2020 page on our website as we are archiving our celebratory videos in that location.  As our culminating events draw closer, I did want to draw your attention to a few items:

  • The Virtual Graduation Ceremony Video will be emailed to 8th grade students and parents at noon on Saturday.
  • For the drive-thru graduation on June 1
    • Each graduate is limited to one car as a part of the procession.  For the safety of all involved, there will be no pedestrian traffic allowed on campus during this ceremony.  Please discourage any friends or family members who may try to get a view of this event from the sidewalks or parking lot.  Northbrook Police will be on hand to enforce this. 
    • The cardstock Class of 2020 sign that was delivered with your child’s gown should be displayed on the passenger side of the front windshield as you enter the campus.  Please, on the back of that sign, in large, block, black-ink (i.e. – Sharpie) letters write your student’s last name. At some point before you reach the teachers on the sidewalk, please flip that sign over to the side with his/her name. This will allow staff members to radio ahead and help to get the diplomas into the correct order and keep the procession moving along.
    • Please feel free to decorate your car in order to add to the celebratory nature of this event.  Signs, balloons, and streamers are all welcomed.  Please refrain from confetti as it does create a mess, and given our current pandemic situation, the less material moving from one place to another, the better.
    • Reminder that an no time should anyone get out of their vehicle while on Wood Oaks property. 
    • Many Wood Oaks teachers will be on hand, but spaced out from one another and kept back from the procession, to help celebrate with our graduates. Unfortunately, we did have limited space to safely manage the event, and not every staff member who wanted to attend will be at Wood Oaks on June 1.  They will all be with us in spirit. 
    • For any friends or family members who will not be able to attend this event, we will be livestreaming the graduation procession.  The link to the live stream will be available on our Wood Oaks Class of 2020 website on the afternoon of June 1.  We are also housing some of the videos and tributes to our graduates on that same page.  Check it out!

Virtual Field Day (Final Posting)

Sixth and seventh grade students will participate in a Virtual Field Day with their homerooms on Monday, June 1.  Homeroom teachers will be hosting a GHM with the class, and they will need to complete different activities with their classmates to earn points towards the homeroom trophy.  This will be a morning event as many staff members will need to get to Wood Oaks to prepare for graduation.  In the afternoon, students can access the Monday E-Learning Activities document for potential projects for the day.  Field Day winners will be announced at grade level GHMs on June 2 with Dr. McElligott, Mrs. Beake, and the teachers. The 6th grade GHM will take place at 9 am and the 7th grade GHM at 10 am.  These will be the closing activities for the 2019-20 school year.  8th graders will not have any responsibilities on Monday morning as that time was left for families to prepare for the drive-thru graduation ceremony. The 8th grade year, outside of graduation, will end at the end of the day Friday, May 29.

Student/School Materials Exchange (Final Posting)

An email was sent home last week with details on how this materials exchange will take place on June 3, 4, and 5.  For information on how that process will work, please refer to the May 21 email from  Please let us know if you did not receive that email.  If your student had medication stored in the nurse’s office during the school year, that medication will be returned to you at this event, too.